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After becoming a member of Trap and Trail Magazine Online you may place an ad in our Sponsor’s section of the website to advertise your business or service related to trapping, hunting or outdoor sports in general. NOTE: Our Advertising Policy: All ads are subject to removal if you do not follow common sense ethics (i.e. No Nudity, Offensive Language, Discrimination, etc.)  If you place an ad with these types of components it will be deleted and your money refunded minus any processing fees.  If you place a second ad with the similar or other offensive content, it will be deleted without refund and your membership will be cancelled and your ip address will be banned from the site.  We have a Zero Tolerance Policy to offensive content (We understand trapping and hunting is offensive to some people, however, it is not to us and we do not consider that offensive content). Thank you in advance for your understanding of this policy.

After you become a member and login to the website (There is a login link in the right-hand column of the home page) you will be taken to your profile page. This is where you keep your contact information up-to-date. In the upper left-hand corner of the page you’ll see a link (Trap and Trail Magazine).  Click on that link to return to the website home page.  In the navigation bar, hover over “OUR SPONSORS” and click on “PLACE AD”. You can then select the term you want your ad to run.  Fill out the following information in the form:

  1. Listing title* – This will be the title of your ad, generally, it’s your business name.
  2. Description – This is where you type the information about your business.  Services, Product Line, Business Hours, Etc.  You will notice there are icons for general formatting of your text.  It is a good idea to make sure you are using Visual, not text in the upper right-hand of the Description box.  That will give you the best idea of how your text will actually look.  Also, if you only see 1 row of icons at the top of the Description box, click on the far right icon to display more options.  As you hover over the icons, you will get a description of what they are for.
  3. Categories – Check the boxes that pertain to your business.  You can only select 2 categories on the 30 day listing, all other terms allow unlimited categories.
  4. Listing Tags (select existing or type new) – You will see existing “Tags” when you start to type if they match any existing tags, otherwise, just add your own (i.e. Outdoor, clothing, trap, dog)  Tags merely give visitors an easy way to search for something. Note: This is not a required entry, you can leave it blank if you wish.
  5. Phone – Preferred entry format: (555) 555-1234
  6. WebsiteURL: If your business already has a website be sure to enter the url here (i.e.
  7. Link text: What you want the text to say that will be the “Hot Link” text to take them to your website (i.e. Click Here to Visit Us Online!)
  8. Email – Enter a valid email address for potential customers to contact you.
  9. Listing images – Click the “Browse…” button to select an image to upload from your computer.  Please limit images to 1 MB or less and use jpeg or png images.  After selecting an image, click the “Upload image” button to upload the image to your ad.  Repeat for additional images.  If you have a company logo, be sure to upload that also and designate it as your logo by clicking the appropriate box under that image.
  10.  Listing videos – If you have a YouTube video for your business, enter the video link here.
  11. Country – Self Explainatory
  12. After Selecting Country, a State drop-down will appear, select your state from the drop-down menu
  13. Address line 1 – Enter street address, city
  14. Address line 2 – Self Explainatory
  15. Zip Code – Self Explainatory
  16. Additional Info – Here you could enter direction or some other landmark if you wish, but you’ll have a Google Map in your ad.
  17. Enter Coordinates manually – First, click on the “Generate on google map” button to see if Google Maps finds your location correctly.  If not, click the “Enter coordinates manually” box and enter the Latitude and Longitude of your business so the marker on the map is accurate.
  18. When all the above information is entered, click the “I’m not a robot” box.  After you have a green check in the box, click “Submit new listing” to submit your ad.  Then go to the Advertisers Dashboard an pay your invoice to make the listing “Live” on the website.

After your ad is “Live” you can return to the website anytime, hover over “Our Sponsors”, click on “Advertisers Dashboard” on the menu bar, enter your username and password for Trap and Trail Magazine Online and you will now see your ad(s) you have on our website and you can Edit/Delete/View Click Stats/or View Listing.  You can also click on your listing level and renew your listing.

That’s it!  Thank you for advertising with Trap and Trail Magazine Online!