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The Sound of the Hounds & The Thrill of the Chase

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A Book Review by the Staff of Trap and Trail Magazine…

Many years ago, my grandfather once told me, “A man will have one good dog in his life.  A dog that will stand head and shoulders above all other dogs.  He will be dog that will always be at your side, and he’ll be the one you’ll talk about many years after he’s gone.”

Here at Trap and Trail Magazine, we recently brought on Bart Nation as a permanent staff writer.  Bart comes to us with a set of credentials that are second to none when it comes to hounds, hunting, training, and hound knowledge.  Over the Christmas break, we were lucky enough to receive a copy of each book that Bart Nation has written.  His first book The Sound of The Hounds, and his newest book The Thrill of The Chase.

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, the true American pastime of hunting with hounds doesn’t get much exposure anymore.  While I love to read a good informational article on hunting or training tips, nothing gets me more excited than reading or listening to someone spin a tale about a memorable hunt with that once in a lifetime dog.

I finished reading both books in a couple of days due to the fantastic fashion in which they are written.  These books are some real page turners!  I borrowed the books to my dad when I was finished, and he admits, he’s never read any books this good.  My father grew up around hounds his whole life and like my grandfather said, they had a once in a lifetime dog that would live on forever.  He was a huge barrel- chested Black and Tan by the name of Checkers.  They hunted with Checkers for years and harvested hundreds of coon with him until one foggy night he took a track and they lost him.  He was hit by a car that night, and it would mark my grandfather’s and my father’s last night of coon hunting. 

These books by Bart Nation are a must have for any hound hunter or dog enthusiast.  I’ve been around hounds my entire life and still own several today.  These books truly capture what happens when the evenings get cool, the shadows become long, and your dog starts to get restless.  Somehow, they always know it’s time.  Maybe it’s a stray breeze that carries the scent of the prey they seek, or maybe it’s something that’s etched in their mind.  Whatever it is, there’s nothing like the feel of a flannel shirt on your skin, the smell of a kerosene lantern, and the baying of lone hound, as you experience the thrill of the chase.

These books have earned their spot on the top shelf of my book collection here in my little office.  Long after the snow has piled up, and driven the coon into hibernation, I like to put a pot of coffee on the old Round Oak pot-bellied stove here in my office, kick back in my chair, and open these books.  Keeping in mind what my grandfather told me about hounds, I believe that same philosophy holds true for good books as well.  During the course of a person’s life, he or she will read some literature that will truly stand out in a person’s mind.  For instance, well-known authors such as Shakespeare or Dickens have written pieces that have stood the test of time.  For me, let’s just say a pen name like Bart Nation and his books The Sound of the Hounds, and The Thrill of The Chase are books that will stand out in my memory for a very long time.

These books are both available on as well as from Dog Days Publishing.  See our ad in Trap and Trail Magazine and on our website for more details on how to order these must have books!  They make great gifts and are truly something that the entire family would enjoy listening to.  We would like to sincerely thank Bart and Scott Nation for their generosity in getting us these books!  They are truly one of kind.