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Here at Trap and Trail Magazine we are constantly on the lookout for quality photos, stories, and articles for our magazine.  In past years, when an article is submitted to us, the writer would receive a free one year subscription.  We had some hard decisions that had to be made at Trap and Trail at the start of the New Year.  With increased paper, printing, and shipping costs of the magazine, we had two choices.  We could either increase the advertising costs and subscription rates, or we could discontinue the free subscription for submitting an article.  We felt to be fair to our loyal readers, subscribers, and advertisers, that we wouldn’t raise the cost of advertising or subscription prices this year.  We felt it was still important to reward our writers for sending in quality articles for the magazine.  When you submit an article now, and if it is accepted, you will receive a complimentary issue of Trap and Trail free of charge as well as a Trap and Trail writers patch for your favorite hunting coat or hat if your article is used!  Please keep in mind that just because you submit an article doesn’t necessarily mean it will get put in the magazine.

March/April 2017

Hello Everyone! A March/April issue usually conjures up images of kids maybe flying kites on a windy day but we certainly aren’t seeing any kite flying weather here
in Minnesota. We just received ten inches of the wettest, heaviest snow I’ve ever shoveled! We are slowly winding the season down here at Trap and Trail. We’ve put some very long legged coon on stretchers the past few weeks. These old boars were out a few nights during a warmup we had and we took advantage of them. We are still hard it at trapping every day. We are putting fur on stretchers and getting ready to sell any day now.

You’ll notice in this issue, we’ve yet again mixed things up for our faithful readers. As stated in the last issue, the Wardens Report has been eliminated, and we are adding a new section to the magazine. This new section is going to be called “The Stone Point”. Our good friend Rich Althaus will be taking on this section. The section will cover finding stone artifacts of all different kinds. We believe here at Trap and Trail that artifact hunting goes hand in hand with being a hunter and trapper. We are so excited to bring this section on at the magazine as we believe it will provide our readers something to try this year after the trapping and hunting seasons are finished. Along with us adding this new section to the magazine, we are adding a product review in each issue. We receive a ton of products from our advertisers and people we meet on the road at conventions. The products we review in each issue have been extensively tested under all types of conditions. You’ll see things like clothing, lures, baits, traps, dog gear, and trapping tools reviewed! These are no nonsense reviews.

Our readers as well as our advertisers are so important to us. We all know how hard we work for our money, and we’d like to share these product reviews with everyone so we all can spend our hard-earned money on only the best products out there! Last but certainly not least, for those of you who haven’t noticed our Legend in this issue is Russ Carman. If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know who Russ Carman is, I suggest we give you a bib. Russ is one of the most well-known lure makers and trappers in the industry today. This is a proud moment for us here at Trap and Trail! Much of my childhood was spent reading books written by this gentleman, and I would never have guessed that one day I would get the opportunity to interview the man behind the yellow label that we have all grown to love over the years! Many thanks to Russ Carman for this once in a lifetime interview!
Good Hunting and Happing Trapping,
Bill and Brenda

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