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Here at Trap and Trail Magazine we are constantly on the lookout for quality photos, stories, and articles for our magazine.  In past years, when an article is submitted to us, the writer would receive a free one year subscription.  We had some hard decisions that had to be made at Trap and Trail at the start of the New Year.  With increased paper, printing, and shipping costs of the magazine, we had two choices.  We could either increase the advertising costs and subscription rates, or we could discontinue the free subscription for submitting an article.  We felt to be fair to our loyal readers, subscribers, and advertisers, that we wouldn’t raise the cost of advertising or subscription prices this year.  We felt it was still important to reward our writers for sending in quality articles for the magazine.  When you submit an article now, and if it is accepted, you will receive a complimentary issue of Trap and Trail free of charge as well as a Trap and Trail writers patch for your favorite hunting coat or hat if your article is used!  Please keep in mind that just because you submit an article doesn’t necessarily mean it will get put in the magazine.

The Passing of a Legend…

For those you who haven’t heard, the trapping industry has lost another one of the greats.  Our good friend Leo Hoeft passed away this past week.  Leo was a one of kind trapper, friend, and world-class lure maker.  The next few paragraphs are a short tribute to this craggy old trapper.  Rest in peace Leo.

I was just a youngster the first time I met Leo, but he left a mark on me that would never be forgotten.  I believe it was in Marshfield Wisconsin at a trapper’s convention that this relic first captured my imagination.  I was walking passed his lure booth which was anything but fancy.  It was an old plywood pyramid shaped structure that had the names of his lures written in black marker on it.  He handed me a sheet of paper, and said, “Do you trap son?”  I shook my head yes, and replied nervously, “A few coon”.  He smiled from under his dirty old baseball cap.  “Come on back here, and let’s talk trapping”, he said.  For the next hour, I sat behind Leo’s table and talked trapping.  Immediately, he had me hooked.  My father, came and picked me up after he had been to all the vendors and I thanked Leo for letting me talk with him.  He offered me an old wrinkled hand, and I gladly shook it.  He sent me on my way with a lure catalog and a bottle of his #2 Coon Lure.  “What’s your plan for the season Leo?” I asked him before leaving.  “I think I’ll head North and do a little fox trapping”, he said.  That day marked the start of a long friendship between Leo and myself.

We caught up with our old friend recently and although we hadn’t seen each other in a spell, we picked up right where we left off.  We sat and talked trapping for hours.  Although it had been years since I had met Leo as a little kid, he still captivated me.  His soft-spoken voice, honesty, and true grit as a trapper is something I strive to be not only as a trapper but as a person in my everyday life as well.  Before we left him at the rest home that day, I asked him once again, “What’s your plan for the season Leo?”  Decades later, his reply was still same.  “I think I’ll head north and do a little fox trapping”, he said with a wink.

That cold, gray September day years ago when I first met him, will never be forgotten.  Leo will be greatly missed.  He was a true pioneer with a career that spanned more than ninety years.  So, this year, when you’re out on the line, you just might catch a glimpse of him, perhaps in the fading daylight, or in the dense fog of an early morning.  He’ll most likely be wearing a dirty old ball cap, and a black ash pack basket headed north to do a little fox trapping.

May/June 2017

Hello Everyone!

Our season is over, and we did very well trapping spring beaver. Fluctuations in water levels kept us on our toes. We have a few beavers left to skin and hoop, and the season will officially be over. I just received a few calls this week for some ADC coyote work that we’ll be diving into this week. The warmer weather has the pocket gophers digging, and we’ve had a few farmers call and tell us that if we want to trap this fall we better get after the gophers!

Over the past few months we’ve received a considerable number of requests for wild game recipes. Here at Trap and Trail we are all about listening to our readers. We’ve added a new section to the magazine called The Outdoor Kitchen. It will feature recipes ranging from fish, to smoked sausage, to preparing every kind of wild game that you can lay a lip on. We hope you enjoy The Outdoor Kitchen!

Being editors of the magazine, we’re always mindful and believe in giving credit where credit is due. Last month, we reviewed XXX bait/lure made by R and M Lures. In the review, we made reference to Rick’s “staff” who really opened our eyes to what a good lure should consist of. Because of how valuable that information was, we wanted to make sure that Larry Karels got the recognition he deserved. Larry is a close friend of ours and one of the country’s best coyote trappers. We’d like to send out a special thanks to Larry for taking us under his wing!

As you can see by the cover of this issue, we’ve pulled out all the stops this month and created a double Legend issue! We wanted to make it very clear that these interviews can’t be done without a few sets of extra hands. We want to thank Steve and Deb Porn for arranging and making both of these interviews possible as well as sharing all of their pictures of these two legendary trappers with us. As we all know, each Legend that appears in the magazine usually gets their own issue. Breaking these two trappers apart would be been like meat without the potatoes or a birthday cake without candles. We hold both trappers very close to us as they have been part of the Trap and Trail Family since it started sixteen years ago!

Trapper Art and Leo Hoeft have trapped together, used each other’s expertise in lure making, and shared many a campfire together. The trapping knowledge and
years of experience that these two gentlemen have combined make them a must have in our Legend Series! We want to sincerely thank Trapper Art and Leo Hoeft not only for making this issue possible but also for everything that they’ve done for us over the years!

Good Hunting and Happing Trapping,
Bill and Brenda

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