End Of The Line


 We wanted to take this opportunity to touch base with any visitors, past or present subscribers, or advertisers.  Shortly after the National Trappers Association Convention in Illinois this past summer, I had doctor’s appointment.  The results of the appointment were less than desirable to say the least.


For those you who don’t know, I had a run in with cancer back in 2012 and nearly died.  The doctor’s appointment confirmed that the lifestyle I have been leading by working 50 plus hours a week at my real job along with trying to publish a quality magazine has taken its toll on my health.  I’m being forced to step down due to serious health concerns.


Our good friends at Trappers World thought it would be a good idea if we joined forces and merged into one magazine.  Our last issue of Trap and Trail will be the November/December issue of this year.  We have a lot of ground to cover before that time as we still have two huge legends to be featured.  Going forward, after the November/December issue of Trap and Trail, the subscribers will receive Trappers World Magazine for six months.  Since Trapper’s World is bi-monthly, that will be three issues.  As much as we would have liked to wait until everyone’s subscription was finished, it just wasn’t possible.  We have tried our best to come up with a fair solution to everyone, as our stepping down surly wasn’t something that was planned.  We’ve lost a lot of sleep in doing so.


When we took the magazine over, I had visions of being an old man and still editing the magazine.  Many times, as life often does, we get a curve ball thrown our way and have to adjust accordingly.  We sincerely hope everyone understands the situation.


We’d like to thank all of our subscribers, advertisers, and friends we’ve made along the way for their help, patronage, and support.


Best of luck on the line and in the woods this year.


Bill and Brenda Falkowski